Intro (English version)

On October 24th 2016 the PGR in Mexico (FBI equivalent) received a memo from the Interpol local office in San Jose Costa Rica.

The memo mentioned that the Organismo de Investigación Judicial de Costa Rica p(OIJ) carried an investigation against an international crime ring with links in the US, Germany, Japan and Brasil. All of them involved according to the Costa Rican investigator Rodrigo Picado Mena.

The investigation process was documented on a paper : 842-DCIFTT-CI-16

This paper gathered all activities and files obtained from denounces (5) and investigation activities (12).

Since the illegal activity reported was production and commercialization of child pornography. The mexican PGR requested an image analysis by an expert that should look for minors. Out of 1464 files the expert selected four. The origin of those files were documented by Luis Diego Morera Flores and Julian Millan Platero, Interpol Agents as two deep web forums: Giftbox Exchange and Magic Kingdom.

The PGR requested another analysis looking for files showing sexual activities regardless of age. The expert selected 16 files including the first 4 containing minors. The sources were the Interpol documents submitted to the OIJ and the contents of a cell phone submitted by an anonymous source. This last evidence pointed at four costa rican citizens including Andres Mora Portuguez whose name appears many times over the file but is not even a suspect. Click here

The most shocking aspect of the investigation in Costa Rica is that the investigation activities yielded zero images of child pornography!

How can the investigator Rodrigo Picado Mena claimed he found an international child pornography ring when he did not find an additional piece of evidence through his research?

6 mexican citizens have been in jail for more that two years accused by Rodrigo Picado Mena in his report 842-DCIFTT-CI-16.

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