Detention day, June 8th 2017

I still remember it like yesterday. I was in my apartment when my cell phone rang at around 5:50am.

It was my brother saying that a group of people was trying to enter my father’s home.

I headed there immediately and during the 2.5 mile trip I called anyone that I believed could help. I even called 911. (A recent implementation of the Mexican Government)

When my father’s home was on sight I noticed a large force of federal police outside.

I felt relief immediately. At first I thought there were thieves trying to break in.

I got a whatsapp message from one of my cousins. It said that the police told them they were looking for «stolen merchandise».

The state election had just passed and my FB wall was full of opinions about the fraud executed by the federal government. I really thought this was a reprisal.

Anyways. I kept approaching and started talking to the rest of my family that gathered outside because of my phone calls.

That lasted for a few minutes until a Federal Agent asked me for my full name and handed me a document. As I read it I could hardly believe my eyes. It was an order of detention with my name on it!

To this date I an still awaiting the free and expedite justice that are supposed to be Constitutional Rights in Mexico.

How to help?

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