Day 2, June 9th, 2017

After my detention I was tranported to the SIEDO facilities of the PGR. This is the place where really high-profile criminals are kept before they appear in front of a judge.

Around 6:00am the guards awake me and tell me that we were about to be moved to the First Federal Courtroom in the Reclusorio Norte.

At 7:00 am we are rushed into the courtroom and our initial hearing begins.

Since I was held incommunicated I wasn’t aware that my family had hired a lawyer to represent me. This lawyer was not allowed into the courtroom.

The judge informs us that we need to name a lawyer to represent us or he can provide one from the public service.

This lawyer requested two hours to review the investigation file (close to 16000 pages) and informed us that, since the alleged crimes were very serious we should remain silent.

We protested that this should be a mistake but now I realize that we were truly in shock and unable to defende ourselves properly.

The district attorney that conducted this investigation had many options to request our appeareance in court. He chose the most spectacular and shocking. Later I was informed that 68 federal agents were assigned to my detention.

That hearing lasted around eight hours and the judge conceded the imprisonment of the suspects including myself and six additional months of investigation period.

It is really frustrating that now I am able to synthetize the costa rican investigation in 8 pages and point out the flaws throughout the report easily.

It doesn’t matter. Nearly 800 days after my initial hearing I am about to enter the last stage of the process. The trial.

I am lucky in the sense that I could separate my case and was able to filter out the whole costa rican investigation. But it took almost 24 months and no less than 60K USD in attorney fees.

After the hearing we are conducted to a small cell awaiting to be moved to the reclusorio norte.

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