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The fight against international crime rings is a big challenge and deserves nothing but the most serious and transparent efforts from all governments.

The costa rican government sent via interpol his report to five countries. All of them involved according to the theory of the case.

The US, Germany and Japan police forces examined the investigation file but didn’t find any evidence worth following. Together the economies of these three countries generate 35% of the world output. Presumably, they have some of the finest police forces in the world.

Only the mexican government build a case around the costa rican memo 1053-IP-2016.

Six mexican people with no criminal records are charged with being the «masterminds» of an international crime ring that spans through more than 30 countries in at least three continents according to the costa rican investigator Rodrigo Picado Mena.

Computers, cell phones, tablets from the six mexicans were analyzed by the mexican federal police. A total of more than 3 million files yielded ZERO evidence.

Until the process ends in Mexico there can be a formal request and demand the follow-up of the other lines of investigation entirelly ignored by Rodrigo Picado Mena.

Your contribution would not only help to bring expedite justice to six mexicans that have been in jail for more than two years so far, but also help pressure the costa rican government to prosecute all the other criminals involved in the production of child pornography as reported by Interpol France.

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